Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen Vehicles We Have Owned

Matt enjoys reading and learning about cars, and if we had the funds and space, we would likely own more cars than we currently do and we would change cars more frequently.

Fifteen Vehicles We Have Owned

1.  '82 Toyota Pick-up
2.  '91 Ford Escort Pony Hatchback
3.  '81 Toyota Corona (only owned for about one month)
4.  '90 Nissan Sentra  (bought for Matt to use on his rural mail route)
5.  '85 Chevy Suburban  (bought to replace the Sentra after the car was hit by a man who ran a stop sign)
6.  '92 Toronado Trofeo (purchased from Matt's boss.  Was a cool car with all the bells and whistles, but an
     expensive car to maintain)
7.  '90 Subaru Legacy (purchased from Matt's parents)
8.  '01 Nissan Sentra (the first and only brand new car we purchased - replaced the Legacy)
9.  '00 Mitsubishi Galant (replaces the Escort--which had not air-conditioning)
10.  '99 Toyota 4-Runner (replaced the Galant -- bought off of Ebay)
11. '04 Mini Cooper (didn't really replace any car)
12. '99 BMW 528 (replaced the Sentra)
13.  Giant Boulder SE - Men's Bicycle (Matt)
14.  Raleigh c40 - Women's Bicycle (Trish, we sold it this year to my sister)
15.  Giant Boulder SE - Women's Bicycle (Trish)

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