Friday, June 24, 2011

Budget Update: Useful Software

This year we began using the budget software You Need a Budget.  For many years, we used Quicken, but at the end of last year, it suddenly froze and we could not access our records.  My husband had the same problem occur at work, and apparently a problem existed in the current software.  We decided to look for a new program instead of trying to continue with Quicken and the possibility that it would freeze on us again.

You Need a Budget works in a similar fashion to Quicken, but we have found some elements work a little better.  Since the purpose of this software centers on keeping a budget, we discovered that running budget reports is easier than in Quicken. 

The layout of the program also allows users to easily and quickly see all their accounts at one glance.  We use the software to keep track of our cash spending, checking account spending, and credit card spending.  My husband also uses the software to keep track of all our investments so we can easily see the location of our resources.

Another element we recently began using is the iPod app for You Need a Budget.  I am now able to carry around our account and budget balances so that I know for sure how much money we have left in the different budget categories.   This is the first month that I have used the app, but it has helped me stay on track so far this month.  I can even enter new transactions while I am out and then just sync it with the main program at home so our accounts are always up-to-date.

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