Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finding Bargains

I know that going to garage sales is a great way to find inexpensive children's clothes, toys, and other items, but I have never been much in the habit of going to sales.  I usually get tired of stopping and getting out of the car only to find few items I might be interested in buying.

Now that the little one has outgrown most of the clothes we received at baby showers, it is time to beginning doing some more garage sale shopping, so I made a trip out to Andover this morning to check out the city-wide sales. 

The first sale we stopped at had many items sitting out on the driveway and looked promising, but the people had a little too much pride in their possessions.  They had marked many of the children's clothes at $2 or more.  We did not stay there long and made our way through the neighborhood, hoping to find some better bargains.

We found a group of five or six houses close together having sales, so we were able to walk more and drive less.  They had their children's clothes more reasonably priced, so I picked up a couple of dresses and a toy.  The last sale we stopped at I found what I feel was the best deal of the day.  I picked up a pair a Nike athletic shoes for $1.  They are currently too big for the little one, but she will probably fit into them within a year or so. 

In all, I am happy that we went out and it was worth the time and the drive, but it is still going to take me some time to make this a regular habit.

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