Monday, June 13, 2011

Budget Week Two

So far so good with sticking to my plan to stick to our grocery budget.  I did my grocery shopping last Tuesday, and I kept the total just under my goal for the week.  I have also done a good job this last week of only buying what we truly need and not buying any extras.

One issue I came across last week as I tried to prepare the meals I had planned for the week was not having the items in my pantry I thought that I had, so I had to change a couple of meals for the week, but I made a point of using the items I had and I did not go to the store to get what I needed. 

We also have avoided making a big purchases this month, and we are almost half way through the month.  Since we are in process of preparing our house for the arrival of a second little one, we have a wishlist of items that we feel would improve our storage situation (we do not have a basement) as we move our office out of the third bedroom to make room for a nursery.  Even though we have patiently looked at Craig's List waiting for the right items to become available at a lower cost, we do not absolutely need any of these items.  I am hoping that we will be able to hold off on these purchases for a few months and save up some more money in the budget.

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