Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strange Habit

I often hear people joke about their OCD tendencies, and I think that everyone probably has their quirks.  One of my strange habits that I recently realized is that I have a specific way that I like to remove eggs from the carton.

When I use an egg, I begin on the outside of the carton and work my way towards the middle.  Not only that, if I need to use two eggs, I have to take them from the two different ends and they have to be diagonal from one another.  It is a bit of a bother if I have to use three eggs as it unbalances the carton, but at times it cannot be helped.

I have no idea how I started this habit, or why, but it throws me off if someone else takes eggs from the carton incorrectly.  Fortunately, it is uncommon for anyone else to remove the eggs from the carton here at our house.

What strange or quirky habits do you have?

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