Friday, June 17, 2011

Useful Ipod App: Errands

I wanted an Ipod touch to help keep me organized and stay on top of the various tasks that I need to complete around the house.  To do this, I decided to use the Errands app to help manage my daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list.

If I remember correctly, the full app cost $2.99, but the free version works well too.  I went ahead and bought the full version so I could get the updates sooner, but I have not noticed much difference between the full and free version

The app gives user the option to see their to-do list in a calendar format or in a list in the individual folders.  Users also have the option of seeing four tasks per screen or eight as well as the order in which they want the items to sort: due date/priority, priority/due date, alphabetical, or none (manual ordering). 

The app comes preloaded with some folders, but users can add their own.  To enter a task, users can do it from the specific folder they want the task to file under, or they can begin entering it under a different folder and change the folder assignment as they add the details of the task. 

I like to enter my tasks as a checklist so I can enjoy the satisfaction of marking each task as complete.  Users can also select the day they need to complete the task, the time by which to complete the task, an alert to remind them of the task, and a repeat cycle if the task is one they need to do again. 

I usually keep my Errands' list set on the All Tasks folder so I can see all the tasks in each folder that I need to complete.  I also have my app set to show a week's worth of tasks at a time so I can see what I need to do in the future. 

The app helps me keep stay on top of routine household tasks like sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen sink, and dusting the various rooms.  I like that I can set each task to repeat so that it will remind me when I need to complete the task again. 

I also use the app to remind me when to change out my disposable contacts and to know what days I can try and tackle some of the one-time projects around the house.

It comes in handy when I am trying to figure out what to do when I have a little extra time on my hand.  I have been amazed to learn how many tasks only take about fifteen minutes to complete.

I know that I could use a piece of paper, but then I would have to rewrite the various tasks I want to repeat, and if it is a task I only want to repeat every three or six months, I might forget about it all together.  Plus, this helps eliminate the clutter of having various to-do lists littering the house.

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