Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard Disaster

Here are some pictures of our yard, some of the work we have done, and examples of much of the work that we still need to do.  This 100 degree heat has not really helped our situation any.  I don't want to go outside to sort rocks in the heat and all our plants are drying up.

As you will see in the other pictures of our backyard, there are four different types of fences.  This awful looking fence in the front of the house is standing up by prayers alone.  We have had to put in metal posts to help support the fence for the time being.  We hope to replace the fence soon with a much more attractive and traditional one.

Here are some pictures of our back yard.  As you can see, the rock pile is still there waiting for me to come out and begin digging and sorting again.  Unfortunately, with all of this heat, the dirt is going to be especially hard and difficult to separate from the rock.  I hope we get some rain soon to soften the dirt.
In these two pictures you can see our poor attempt at growing grass.  Part of our problem is that we are horrible about watering the grass seed once it is planted.  We are looking into having a sand well installed so that we can water the lawn without worrying about the cost.  If  you have any thoughts on that issue, we would be happy to hear them.

In the first shot below, you will see some crazy snap dragons that came back volunteer this year even though they are supposed to just be an annual.  The remaining shots are of the various planting beds we have in the front of the house.  The two main beds did not have the paths of rocks until we created the paths a couple of years ago.  I like the paths because they help break up the beds and make it a little easier to manage.  I have just about all the plants I plan to plant in the back bed of the south planting area.  I just hope that they will survive the heat. 

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