Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Weekly Menu

I always have a difficult time selecting what to plan for our meals, so I decided to try a new technique.  I began my planning by assigning a specific style of food for each day; for example, we mainly like to eat American, Mexican, and Italian food.  To add a little more variety, I added grilled foods and BBQ foods to my list.  I then went through the week and assigned a style of food for each day and then went through my lists to find the foods that fit each style (this is just for our dinner meals).

It seemed to help with the planning this week, and I hope that it will continue to help in the future.  I plan to save different templates of these types of food assignments so that I can then go back and use the templates I created in the future to make the process go even faster.

Our Menu

Muffins and yogurt
Eggs and Pancakes
French Toast
Toast with Peanut butter and yogurt
Eggs and muffin
Smoothies and toast

Macaroni and cheese
Spinach Salad
Chicken Tenders
Hot dogs
Bean and Bacon soup

American - sloppy joes
Italian - chicken parmesan
Grilled - (still deciding)
Mexican - enchiladas
Eat out
Italian - pizza bake
American - honey Dijon chicken

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