Monday, June 6, 2011

Sticking to the Budget

Ugh, the B word.  Why is it so difficult to stick to a budget?  We have not been doing so well these last few months, so we are determined to stick tightly to our budget this month. 

It's funny, I figured that I would do better with our grocery budget as soon as Lucy no longer needed to drink formula, but last month I spent more on our grocery budget than I had before when I was buying her formula. 

One plan I have for sticking to the grocery budget is to only do major grocery shopping every other week and to try and use up the items in my pantry.  I struggle with wanting to keep my pantry stocked, so I tend to forget about or just not use the items that I already have.  Since we do not have a large house or a large pantry, I know that I need to use up the items I have before I buy more.

I have continued to plan our meals at least a week in advance using the MealBoard app on my Ipod touch, but I still buy items that we do not necessarily need for my planned meals.  This is another area I plan to work on to help us stick to our budget better.

So, here's to sticking to our budgets and being good stewards with the abundant blessings that God has given us!

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