Thursday, June 9, 2011

Selling Books: Not Sure It Was Worth the Effort

With a second little one on the way, we need to transform our current office/storage room into an actual bedroom.  That means we need to go through our five bookcases filled with books and thin out our collection so we can then move the remaining books to new locations around the house.

Until today, we had set aside about three diaper boxes of books (diaper boxes are great all purpose items to have around the house).  I decided to take the books to a local used bookstore to see if they would buy any of them.  I did not figure we would get much out of the books, but I figured a little bit of money would be better than no money at all.

The lady who helped us must not have been having a very good day.  Even though my books and my sisters where the only books she had to go through, we had to wait over thirty minutes for the process to be completed (the store was not that busy either).  I had the little one with me, and she was not to happy to be stuck in her stroller for so long in one place. 

In the end, we received $10 for a few of our books.  The store has a book donation box outside of the store, so we just put the rest of the books in there.  Now I have to decide if I want to take future books to the store to sell or just save my time and donate the books to begin with. 

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