Friday, June 24, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday: Salvaging Lotion

I just hate it when the pump on the lotion bottle no longer dispenses lotion when I can tell that a significant amount of lotion lives at the bottom of the bottle. 

I usually save the not quite empty bottles with the intent of removing the remaining lotion and adding it to an existing bottle.  The tediousness of this chore leads me to avoid it as long as I possibly can, usually until too many bottles clutter my cabinet and I have to deal with the problem.

Today I decided to try a new technique.  In the past, I would just remove the pumps and shake the remaining lotion into my hand before placing it in the remaining bottle.  Not long ago, I saw that my cousin would cut the tops off of the Bath and Body Works lotion so that she could access the remaining lotion. 

I decided to try this with the bottles of lotion sitting in my cabinet today.  I used a utility knife (very carefully) to cut off the tops and then I used a spoon to scoop out the lotion and place it in the waiting bottle. 

This created far less mess than shaking the lotion into my hands, and I think that I salvaged even more of the lotion.  I need to find a thinner instrument to use to transfer the lotion to the bottle, but overall, the outcome of the experiment left me satisfied.  Maybe I will not wait so long to empty the bottles next time.

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