Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yard Work Update: Yeah for Rain

We received some much needed rain last week (along with some wicked storms and a near tornado).  According to our rain gauge, we receive 1 1/2 inches on Thursday evening and another 1/2 inch on Sunday morning. 

Of course, that meant the ground was too muddy to go in the back yard and separate dirt and rocks, so instead I spent some time early this week pulling weeds out of the front flower beds.  Why is it that my plants struggle to survive in the heat and the weeds seem to flourish? 

Today the ground was just right for digging in the rock pile, so I spent thirty minutes making a very small dent in the pile, but at least it is a dent.  I hope to get out there on a more consistent basis to work on the pile so maybe it will disappear faster.

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