Friday, June 3, 2011

Useful Tool: iPod Touch

This last Christmas I asked for and received an iPod touch.  I did not want an iPhone because I do not use my cellphone enough to justify the monthly cost, but I did want a device I could carry around me that could hold my to-do list, grocery list, and give me the ability to go online when Wi-Fi is available.

I have loved having my iPod touch.  Since one can download most of the apps available for the iPhone, there are many applications to choose from.  I found a simple to-do list app that lets me categorize my to-do items and lets me set the routine events on a schedule.  This has helped me stay on top of housework since I can assign different tasks for each day instead of waiting until the end of the week and doing all the chores at once.  I think my house has consistently remained cleaner than it did while I was working and not at home.

I like the grocery shopping app that I have, but I would like to find one that will let me enter the prices for the various stores so I can have the information available to me as I shop. 

I don't have many games on my iPod as I would be too tempted to sit around all day and just play the games instead of doing work around the house. 

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