Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yard Update: I Can't Handle the Heat

We did begin our project to place lava rock around our shed, but you will notice that I said "begin" and not that we finished.  It took a little longer to remove the grass from the area we wanted to place the rock, so we did not complete the project on Saturday.

Matt removed all the grass, and we began digging a trench for the edging, but that is all the progress we made before we had to retreat into the house because of the heat.  I had hoped to go out yesterday to work on the trench some more because the little one was at her grandma's house again, but too many other projects needed my attention. 

Today they forecasted temperatures in the triple digits and along with the high heat, the humidity has decided to stick around.  Since this is supposed to continue through the end of the week, I do not know when I will get back out to work on the yard.  The little one takes her nap during the afternoon, which of course is when the day is hottest.

Fortunately, once we do get back out to work on the project, it should not take us too long to complete, especially once we figure out how to plant the edging in place.  The rock is ready to go.

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